Pick up your MMS

Here you can view the MMS messages you've received (with an image, sound or video), which could not be delivered or displayed in your telephone. One possible reason for this is that you haven't set up MMS service, or that your telephone doesn't support MMS.

Would you like to receive MMS messages direct to your telephone? If so, check the following:

  1. Do you really have the MMS service activated?

    Have a look at your Internet Self Care, where you can enter your password (the password you use for communication with the operator) and check to see whether you have the MMS service active.

  2. Do you have a telephone that has been correctly set up for MMS?

    If you already have the MMS service active, all you have to do is return to your Internet Self Care and visit the Activation and Service Settings – Phone settings menu where you can have a free setup SMS sent to your phone (with certain telephones you will need to enter the password 1234), then turn your phone on and off.

  3. Do you have active mobile data (data packets) in your mobile phone?

Your mobile phone number:

Enter your mobile number in international format, e.g. 4207773123123.

Do no enter "+" or "00" in front of the phone number. Do not enter any spaces.

Your Password:
Insert the password received in SMS.

If you don't know your password, click here to retrieve current password.